New propane terminal relieves regional supply pressure

Tanker truck at Yuma terminal

With a convenient location, two loading stations and 24-hour access, the new terminal at Yuma, Colo., gives customers easy access to propane supply while cutting drive time.

Feb 28, 2024

A new propane terminal at Yuma, Colo., is helping CHS customers cut long delivery time and cost in the Kansas energy watershed.


From gas plant closures and supply chain disruptions to driver shortages, propane marketers across eastern Colorado, western Nebraska and the western Kansas energy watershed face plenty of challenges in securing the gallons their customers depend on.

Demand at regional hubs remains high with limited supply during peak season, and the journey to secure and transport new gallons has become a costly trek for many marketers. “People have had to drive into the middle of Kansas, which might be a 12-hour trip one way,” says Scott Pearson, vice president, CHS propane.

The recent opening of a new propane rail ship terminal in Yuma, Colo., is providing much-needed regional relief to propane retailers seeking a reliable supply and shorter drive times.

Watch a video to learn how CHS propane customers are leveraging the new terminal to optimize their operations.